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Taking It to the Street With Night Driving Glasses

If you are like most people, driving at night can be a challenge. Not only are you dealing with lower light levels, but the light that you do see is primarily coming from oncoming traffic. This type of direct light tends to cause glare on the windshields of most vehicles. This glare is a distortion of light that can…

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Browse in Peace with New Computer Glasses

For most people, being online is a part of daily life. Whether it’s just the occasional update on your phone or a part of your job, we just can’t escape screen time these days. While this has presented tons of new opportunities for entertainment, employment, interconnectivity, and more, it’s also been murder on our eyes. If only there was…

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Costa Glasses: Serious Anglers Only

If you know fishing, you know that being out on the water can really mess with your eyes. Sweet and sea salt are constantly splashing into them while the sun’s rays are amplified from reflecting off the water. If you’re not careful, these factors can really hurt you in the short and long term. To solve these problems, you’ll…

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