Protect Your Eyes and Simplify Your Life with Polarized Clip-On flip-up Sunglasses (polarized clip on flip up sunglasses)

80% of what we perceive is through our sense of sight, and we should not take it lightly. Do you have problems dealing with the abrupt adjustment of your eyes to the bright lights? Then protect your eyes with Polarized Clip-on Flip-up sunglasses.

Eliminate Eye Fatigue

Regular sunglasses only limit the amount of light reaching your eyes to make your eyes feel more comfortable. They do not protect your eyes from glare, which can blur your vision when driving and cause discomfort in your eyes. Without proper protection, you can also experience eye fatigue!

Simplify Your Life

What’s worse, is the hassle when moving from inside to outside, when you have to switch your eyeglasses for your sunglasses each time, or forcing your sunglasses over your eyeglasses. It’s simply not worth the trouble!

Block Harmful UV Rays

Our Polarized Sunglasses protect your eyes from glare while blocking 100% UVA and UVB radiation. They have better color perception and offer improved clarity of vision. These easy to use clips-ons, use a spring-bridge that fits snug on the rims of your regular eyeglasses using four plastic-covered clasps, easily attaching to plastic, metal or rimless frames. They are lightweight, sturdy enough to withstand the impact of a deployed airbag, and small enough to slide in your pocket.

Clip-on flip-up sunglasses are extremely convenient, making the transition from a dark room to a light room as simple as one motion. No switching and no doubling up on your glasses. It’s hassle-free!

Options Galore!

Our Polarized sunglasses come in different frames, with lenses ranging in colors from your neutral greys to your green tints. You have the ability to choose what is most comfortable for your eyes and see the world the way you want to while remaining protected.

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